Fri Dec 9: Linus Knows How To Get In Your Hearts & Groins

On 9th Dec, 2011, Linus & The Feel Good Factory will play Agony Aunt and teach you something about Love, Relationship & Sex. We will show you the route to the hearts and to the groins. A little paper set will be constructed especially to celebrate the occasion. You are welcome to take photos, with a small token of thousand HK dollar notes. The exhibition is at 1900 at 9th Dec, 2011 at XXX Gallery; open to public. Open on following week days by booking.

Linus & The Feel Good Factory is made up by factory manager Linus, a handful of mastermind elves and a dwarven workshop. It has been making bizarre paper costumes and cute little paper creatures since 2009.

Following the massive success of experimenting in 2010, the factory decided to launch a self-help guide in 2011. Thus “Linus Knows How” began.

“Linus Knows How” is a tell-tale instruction for all situations: from child birth to contraception, from orgies to the salvation of your soul. Most of them sarcastic, and all are depressive.


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