Nov 28-29: Noru Ka Soru Ka


Nov 28 & 29 (two shows, each 7:30pm start, 80 min duration)

Noru Ka Soru Ka 是一支由日本的舞者和美國及瑞士的樂手組成的國際勁旅,他們令人興奮、充滿動感的表演令人難以將之歸類,從誘惑、感性以至武術型的動感,激動的擊樂,和把你重重包圍的電子音樂及舞蹈。 Noru Ka Soru Ka 曾於歐洲、亞洲及美國演出,成員包括 松島 誠 ( 舞蹈、人聲 ),新 真央( 舞蹈 ),Georg Hofmann ( 敲擊 ) 及 邁克‧諾德 ( 結他、電子音樂 )

Noru Ka Soru Ka is an international collective of dancers from Japan and musicians from the US and Switzerland. Their exciting, dynamic performances challenge category and style. Noru Ka Soru Ka’s audiences encounter everything from provocative sensuality, to martial arts inspired athleticism, to driving rhythmic percussion and furious walls of electronic sound and dance. Noru Ka Soru Ka has thrilled audiences in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Performers are Makoto Matsushima (dance, voice), Mao Arata (dance), Georg Hofmann (percussion) amd Mike Nord (guitar, electronics)

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