Thu Jan 25 (7PM): XXX Classical presents GRIEG’s Peer Gynt Suite No.1 ELONGATED 5X



Sat Jan 27 (11PM-late): 龍寨 Trap House Presents // The Last Palace 末代皇宮

last dragon26961870_926842390826400_2527854813227499609_o

Nice XXX video interview posted by 扭耳仔 New Ears Music

watch video interview here

Thu Jan 18 (10PM-late): HEAVY Presents : Skarra Mucci (Jamaica)

skarramicci 26170821_10159684344205621_7956458622509944858_o.jpg

Fri Jan 12 (10PM-late): 九龍皇帝 最後回合 Final King of Kowloon

final king of kowloon 26220911_10159717334415621_7476875385282286201_o.jpg

Sat Jan 13 (6PM): XXX Movie Club: The Killing Of a Sacred Deer (2017)

killing sacred 26220057_1657859800946690_4947282143278060702_n.jpg

Thu Jan 11 (7pm): XXX Classical presents Chopin’s Nocturnes Op.9 Elongated 4X