Q: What is XXX?
A: Art gallery. BYOB space. Community centre. Whathaveyou.

Q: Does that mean you are filming porn there or something?
A: No not really.

Q: Do you have a bar?
A: No, but there are 7-11’s nearby.

Q: How do I become a member?
A: Email us on xxxgalleryhk@gmail.com for more info.

Q: Why does your security always tell me to be quiet on the street? It is a public space!
A: Yes, we know, and are sorry about that. But please understand that we are working on the edges of HK acceptability here… for the past two years we’ve been lucky enough not to get too much trouble from the police, and that is mostly because our security staff work hard to keep the streets outside quiet. They are just doing their job to keep the streets quiet so that no one calls the police. We have always been one bad incident away from being shut down, and we know you don’t want that… so we try our best to keep things cool, even if that means needing to hassle you sometimes when you get too loud.

Q: My company is interested to invest in XXX.
A: Naw man yall slept. Keep your money. We the ones gettin it now.


  1. glad to hear is a bassment still! ten mins is nothing for a club with the best community vibe in town! hurry up june!

  2. So what exactly is the XXX gallery? An art gallery or a drinking place or both or neither?

    • Art gallery! But we hold promotional happenings for the artists and will start selling drinks later too

  3. Hi,,,how much is the entrance fee on Saturdays?

    • It depends on the event programming for that night. Can always check the blog or the facebook page for links to event details. For tonight (Apr 18, 2015): free entry before 11pm. $100 after. (Also free entry all night for xxx members)

  4. Hey, do I have to be a member to get into the place?

  5. Chill out place 😀
    got your reference from the owner of ‘The Overstay’, a club/alternative venue in Bangkok….said ya’ll were the go-to guys for meeting , interacting with cool like minded people supporting underground arts , music , creative gigs…

    We are a rap/graffiti crew having fun with hip hop elements from India….We’ll be in HK for a week and had some ideas to share….

    I’ll shoot you a mail… 🙂

    Peace out… \/

  6. FB message us

  7. Whats the age limit?

    • We don’t serve drinks so it’s all ages

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