Fri July 24: Berlin Style Ping Pong from 7-11pm


Sat Mar 21: 10pm start: Krevasse presents Perera Elsewhere Live (Friends of Friends/Berlin)


Fri Feb 7: Shift


Fri Dec 7: Heavy X TrueSkool present ILLBILLY HITEC


Fri Apr 6: Exhibiting Work by Vanessa Enriquez (Mexico)

Vanessa Enriquez is a multidisciplinary artist who has worked in the fields of architecture, graphic design, video and drawing. She finds inspiration in the accidental patterns that disrupt of our daily life and in the way they create a new form of consciousness or bring about a meditative mental space. For the first show of Berlin-based Mexican artist Vanessa Enriquez in Hong Kong, curators Casey Wang and Paul Angelier create a new space of imagination through the juxtaposition of her different explorations and fascinations with randomness.

Residues’ presents two series — _Blank and F#ck Up! that reveal traces of two main paradigms of our times and their interconnectedness.

Join for the opening on April 6th at 8pm. Available for viewing until April 10th.

XXX Feature in Time Out Hong Kong


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