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2011 Best Of List (Music)

Our XXX team shares their top five music-related experiences from 2011.


  1. Samiyam Live at XXX, 2012 NYE Future Dancehall at XXX
    These parties popped off…
  2. Zomby “Dedication” EP
    Solid solid collection.. pretty much a tour de force of modern dub.
  3. Yao hipping me to Kendrick Lamar and ASAP Rocky
    I’m embarrassed it took me so long. New rappers coming out of Compton and Harlem.
  4. Gil Scot-Heron’s return to the spotlight
    Been a big fan for many years, and it was special seeing him getting some love from Kanye, Drake, JamieXX. R.I.P.
  5. Girl Unit / Kingdom / Lunice / Mosca
    The sound these guys been putting out is just exactly what I wanted lately… Nightslugs FTW.     Honorable Mention: Coming back to Stevie Wonder


  1. Track: Purity Ring – Belispeak
  2. Track: James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream
  3. Album: The Black Keys – El Camino
  4. Thing: Thom Yorke dances in Radiohead – Lotus Flower
  5. Hong Kong music: Chochukmo
    RIP Amy Winehouse


  1. Rolling In The Deep by Adele
  2. DP CD Release Party at XXX — a memorable experience
  3. Delhi Belly song by Bhag DK Bose  — very thrilling song, must listen
  4. Gaddi Te Likha Lee Mera Naa Mitra  (Roshan Prince remix) –very good peppy Bhangra number
  5. Anna Hajare’s hunger strike for Lokpal Bill — an anti-corruption movement in India


  1. Kendrick Lamar
    Everything from this new emcee was like a breath of fresh air (especially this year’s Section.80 and 2010’s OD) 
  2. “Love What Happened Here” – James Blake
    chuuuuuuuuch / “Thinking About You”– Frank Ocean / “Body Works”- The Dream
  4. Ghost People LP – Martyn
  5. Yukimi Nagano (singer of Little Dragon)
    My new music crush, she has so much swagger, style and sass  ( + Little Dragon’s Ritual Union was a great album)
    Honorable Mention: The Weeknd- House of Balloons


  1. Munni Badnaam
  2. Tere Liye
  3. Tera Hone Laga Hoon
Here’s to a bigger 2012!!!