FRI AUG 18 (10:30 pm-late): KING OF KOWLOON (Heavy Hong Kong)

king of kowloom 20799405_10159085458810621_9100687118558681109_n.jpg

FRI SEPTEMBER 16/ 11pm- late: BMC Mid-Autumn fest. Special ft. iSOP & DJ 108 w/ Just Bee /Saiyan 殺亞仁 /Nerve & Upbeat Cynic


SAT SEPTEMBER 2/ 10pm- 4am: JUNGLISTS ANONYMOUS (jungle, dnb, bass)

junglists anonymous 14064169_1180302492012928_7970094846219874573_n.jpg

SAT AUGUST 13/ 10:30pm-late: King of Kowloon x HEAVY HK Present: Skitty (Foundation X) UK

skitty 13886295_10157168941380621_6195242009201163286_n.jpg

SAT JULY 23: HEAVY HK & KING of KOWLOON presents Tamen (Ireland/Barcelona)

heavy tamen 13612376_10157080593800621_3952573899968725472_n

FRI JULY 8: 10pm-3am: Unchained x Synthetik presents KAY-C (Syndicate)

kay c 13579047_10208460107073960_136089862_n

Sat Mar 5: Bass Music China Official 4 Years Anniversary feat Fracture (UK) + Part2style (JP)