Sat Jan 27 (11PM-late): 龍寨 Trap House Presents // The Last Palace 末代皇宮

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XXX 是香港新生代地下青年的娱乐基地 ;)

Props to Noisey and UNISTREET for hitting up our recent DRAGON TOWN TRAP HOUSE event and interviewing a few of the more interesting guests 🙂 Click on either image below for all the pics and the full article (中文 only).

Opening excerpt:

Noisey的短片《香港地》又一次将人们的视线拉回至香港地下圈层,里面提到的香港活动派对厂牌龙寨Trap House以及活动场地XXX Gallery是香港新生代地下青年的娱乐基地。UNILOOK有幸赶上如今势头正火的“火炭丽琪”派对现场,在目睹地下青年们如何自娱自乐的同时,也与他们聊了聊对香港地下文化的看法。

Noisey’s short film “Hong Kong” brings you to Hong Kong’s underground scene, at the Dragon Town Trap House event at XXX Gallery – base for Hong Kong’s new generation of underground youth entertainment. UNILOOK had the honor to catch up with rapper FoTan Laiki, witnessed how the young people entertain themselves, and also heard their views on Hong Kong’s underground culture.


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Fri June 23: 龍寨 Trap House Presents // FOTAN LAIKI 火炭麗琪


Read more about FOTAN LAIKI 火炭麗琪 here

TUES MAY 2 (10PM-4AM):龍寨 Trap House Presents // 上海灘 // Vroskiii Live in Hong Kong

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FRI MAR 31 (10PM-4AM): 龍寨 Trap House Presents // 不羈的風 Long Live Le$lie with a special tribute night celebrating the iconic Leslie Cheung


SAT FEBRUARY 25 (11 pm-4am) : 龍寨 Trap House Presents // YZ 黃鬼 Live in Hong Kong

YZ TGMF 16649166_742296989280942_3981325944550786653_n.jpg

FRI JANUARY 20 (11 PM-late):龍寨 Trap House Presents // 金雞賀壽 Golden Chicken