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XXX 是香港新生代地下青年的娱乐基地 ;)

Props to Noisey and UNISTREET for hitting up our recent DRAGON TOWN TRAP HOUSE event and interviewing a few of the more interesting guests 🙂 Click on either image below for all the pics and the full article (中文 only).

Opening excerpt:

Noisey的短片《香港地》又一次将人们的视线拉回至香港地下圈层,里面提到的香港活动派对厂牌龙寨Trap House以及活动场地XXX Gallery是香港新生代地下青年的娱乐基地。UNILOOK有幸赶上如今势头正火的“火炭丽琪”派对现场,在目睹地下青年们如何自娱自乐的同时,也与他们聊了聊对香港地下文化的看法。

Noisey’s short film “Hong Kong” brings you to Hong Kong’s underground scene, at the Dragon Town Trap House event at XXX Gallery – base for Hong Kong’s new generation of underground youth entertainment. UNILOOK had the honor to catch up with rapper FoTan Laiki, witnessed how the young people entertain themselves, and also heard their views on Hong Kong’s underground culture.


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XXX Feature in Today’s Apple Daily Print and Online News

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Goofy English translation from Google:
Some people say that Hong Kong is good, nausea, holiday meals in addition to walk along the streets watching movies on Nuisance-what better to do, if you agree, is likely to be boring you. Because Hong Kong is a place to play a lot of Ge, as long as you are willing to explore, whether outdoors or indoors, the night life is also a good variety of games are played, who says in the Po field only drinking game, you can play table tennis in fact secondary wave with watching movies.

10 minutes walk from Prince Edward MTR station, came to Tai Kok Tsui Larch Street, looking around all industrial buildings along the way came in addition to seeing topless uncle, uninhabited, so I can not help wondering whether to go to the wrong place. But then next line underground party, separated involved GOD are normal, that pipe go up. Climb two flights of stairs, and finally to, starting with the door spy, into the face is dark purple red blue and green lights flashing alternately, the party is correct. He opened the door and went in, came in addition to lively music, sound waves …… ping-pong? It was originally in table tennis wave, Chung Do not know thought he hit a ghost.

” ‘XXX Gallery” is a place to organize various activities, like an open space, in addition to engage in their own activities, but also rented off organizing various cultural and artistic activities, such as exhibitions, lectures. “From the United States, Hong Kong is now serving management founder and head of Cassady Winston (DJ Enso) said. Every time reporters with friends and colleagues mention XXX, their first reaction is, Hey-what like GOD salty Link title? It does not seem like I have no opinion, but this place, not even a GOD salty, with tender interest. In addition to parties, every Saturday 7:00 pm more free screenings, Fengyubugai, “screenings have been held for five years, I usually pick a Monday or di-play broadcast on Saturday, turn to the next one week, then by my partner James is responsible for picking. “sowing are their favorite movies, the Hong Kong film, but also USA and Japan, mainly in literature-based. Tonight broadcast, selected by James “The Soong Sisters”, said Song is the story of three sisters. Honestly, feel bored listening to a name, and asked him why he picked this movie, he is also from the United States, said: “Because I’ve been reading some of the Chinese Civil War history, a friend introduced this movie, I find it very interesting.”

Saturdays 19:00 there will be film screenings, free of charge.
Hong Kong people do not make money for the number of places to play 7:00, the time the opening scene in addition to us, no one else. Thought they would be lost, but that they had a pre-Zo early in the morning, “to join a different number each time, depending on what broadcast drama, tonight should appear cold field.” Having said that, they decided to wait until 7:30, opening soon, even It was up, Zhongyao two. In fact, the scene started slow as no surprise, since June 4 interview that day and heavy rain, unexpected is good to see the original sets of drama. Needless to say, we know that these activities do not make money, “money? Who would make money by doing these? If I wanted money, I will not open XXX, I am not doing this for money, I just want to do balance of payments. “Cassady lived for nine years, said a great reaction in Hong Kong. Hong Kong does not have enough space, coupled with the lack of government support, to make a lot of cultural events because you can not afford to pay rent to hold, so he decided to set up XXX, to provide a space for caring people to engage in creative activities, but also to many places to play in Hong Kong . Even if the party was held, unlike other Po field, XXX does not sell drink, you can bring their own drinks.

When the trend is excluding social niche, profitable things do not, some people still insist on taking care of their interests, who are speaking at the Hong Kong underground money, in fact, Hong Kong can be a good romantic. In this piece more than the Air word reading times, if you can see here, I want to tell you that you are good romance.

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